LCM Research, Inc. provides expert research services on a variety of subjects and helps you understand the results by using desktop mapping and other database visualization techniques. In addition, we design, host and analyze quantitative and qualitative primary market research studies.

We offer the following services:

  • business plan research
  • competitive intelligence
  • industry profiling
  • secondary market research
  • primary market research (qualitative and quantitative)
  • data mapping (using MapInfo™)
  • information management
  • library/manual research
  • current awareness search services

Our experienced research team uses multiple sources for our research, including:

  • commercial online databases, including Proquest / Dialog, Factiva and Nexis
  • government documents, including publicly available sources, as well as information obtained via FOIA (freedom of information) requests
  • internet information
  • manual and library research to find information not contained on the Internet or online databases
  • primary research obtained from phone interviews and other methods
  • statistical sources, including information from government sources such as the USDA and FAO. 

Please review the list of sample projects to the right to learn more about our capabilities. Contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions about our research services.

Determine Project Potential
PROJECT OBJECTIVE: Help an agricultural company determine market potential for a product designed for a specific crop.

SOLUTION: LCM Research, Inc. researched appropriate government databases to gather statistical information on the production levels for the crop. After obtaining the databases, we converted them to PC formats for analysis. We then provided custom maps, reports and spreadsheets, as well as an executive summary explaining the results and our methodology.

Develop Expert System
Develop a database designed to help non-researchers identify, quantify and understand previous and ongoing research for an association for an agricultural commodity.

SOLUTION: LCM Research, Inc. searched online, print and internet databases for information about the agricultural commodity. We then downloaded and converted the information into a database of our design that allowed us to assign a classification scheme for the information. In addition, we designed an end-user solution for the database, allowing users unfamiliar with search logic to extract meaningful information from the database.

Find Market Share
Obtain market share and other product information on several major agricultural chemical producers.

SOLUTION: LCM Research, Inc. used multiple sources (Internet, commercial online services, print and telephone interviews) to develop a database of products, companies and market share. In cooperation with an industry expert, we provided maps, charts and spreadsheets to our client, helping them to decide on their future actions in the agri-chemical market.

Research Key Markets
Determine the market potential of a new technology for concrete construction.

SOLUTION: Using standard reference sources (not available via the Internet or commercial online services), LCM Research, Inc. found average prices for labor and materials for the concrete industry. Additionally, we located an expert to help evaluate the technology and determine its market potential  in the construction industry.